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Quickie Manicure- $18 | Pedicure- $33
More than a polish change, a little less than a full mani. After all, you've got a life to keep up with. Trim, shape, cuticles, color and you're good to go.

Pump It Up Manicure- $23 | Pedicure- $43
Nails & Co. Spa manicures and pedicures go far beyond the typical salon and industry standard to create truly healthy nail care—leaving you a happier client and your nails stronger, smoother and hydrated. The Pump It Up services for both hands and feet include trim, shape, cuticle maintenance, exfoliation, arm and hand massage and a final polish. Allow yourself to have an experience that will change the course of your day. Your trained technician will soak your nails, hands and feet in a revitalizing sea salt solution, then the nails are shaped and trimmed to the length you request. Cuticles are treated and conditioned. Your hands and feet are then thrilled with a proprietary blend of herbs and oils to exfoliate and hydrate. Just when you think life can't get any better, you're treated to a wonderful massage with a highly concentrated lotion that will leave your skin feeling like silk.

Pamper Me Silly Manicure- $38 | Pedicure- $58
These services are so delicate and full of skin nutrients that they could be a facial that got lost on your body. Each procedure follows all the same steps as the Pump It Up service and is followed with an intensely hydrating, specially formulated masque loaded with anti-oxidants and skin regenerators. An herbal sugar scrub polishes the skin and stimulates all-important circulation; an herbal masque removes life's impurities while the herbal shea butter swoops in to freshly hydrate. It all cools, softens, cleanses, rejuvenates, and brightens skin to an incandescent, glowing you.

TLC Me Manicure- $48 | Pedicure- $68
This is the only choice when you need to treat yourself; to enjoy intensely therapeutic time, attention and product to regain the true health of your overworked hands and feet (and mind).These treatments target and specifically address your individual needs-whether it's smoothing rough heels or loosening up tight muscles. Or both. Coupled with the Pump It Up treatment, you and your beautiful hands and feet will leave the salon in a state of blissful indulgence. And you'll be back for more.

Callus: Gentle yet effective, this intensive callus peel treatment will help bring back that baby smooth skin that you miss. A softening patch is wrapped around the heel and toe to soften the skin first, then calluses are gently peeled off and a smoothing buffing polishes the edges. The treatment is completed by application of deep moisture cream for your thirsty skin.

Hot Stone: Ecstasy: That's it in a word. Hot stones melt the tension in your muscles, then massaged with a decadent herbal soothing balm. Out of this world healthy for you providing increased circulation to starved tissue, increased energy while erasing tension and stress. Let your family know you will be checked out for a while.

Dry Skin: The world does not exist to be kind to your skin. That's where we come in. We're here to combat neglect, winter, bad products, sun—whatever you and the elements have managed to destroy, we can revive. Our nourishing paraffin wax treatment marries two amazing properties—heat and moisture— to soften calluses and dried out skin, and introduce healing herb oils into the pores.