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After a facial treatment, your skin can be a little sensitive. The following advice will ensure your comfort and help you to continue to benefit from your treatment.

Please follow the advice below for up to 24 hours after your facial treatment:
• Avoid wearing make-up. Lipstick/gloss and mascara may be worn.
• No heat treatments for 24 hours; sauna, steam room, sun bed. No swimming.
• Protect skin from exposure to harsh climates like the cold and hot sun.
• Don't touch or rub your face.
• Don't use any soaps or harsh products on the face. Wash with water only.
• Don't use exfoliating products for up to 72 hours after a facial.
• Avoid smoking and alcohol.
• For long term results, get regular monthly facials. Please follow the advice below in between your facial treatments:
• Cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day using products suitable for your skin type.
• Use products that contain an SPF. Always wear a good sunscreens it prevents aging and protects your skin in many conditions.
• Exfoliate one to two times a week.
• Use a face masque once a week or in between facials.
• Eat balanced meals, drink lots of water; aim for 2 litres a day.
• Get plenty of sleep.
• If you experience a reaction to your treatment that continues for more than 24 hours, please see your GP.