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The following home-care routine will ensure that your pedicure will last well and keep your feet and nails looking their best and in good condition.

• Wear open-toed shoes when getting a pedicure so your nail color doesn't get ruined on the way home.
• Get regular pedicures to keep nails clean, tidy and looking beautiful. Come in every two weeks if your feet need attention and monthly if you have a good home routine.
• Rub cuticle cream into the nails and cuticles at bedtime to keep them soft
• Your feet should be washed at least once a day, finishing with a cold rinse. Dry the skin well, particularly between the toes.
• Scrubbing the feet briskly with a small, firm brush helps clean them, stimulates blood circulation and has an invigorating effect. Do this after the feet have been washed.
• Excessively sweaty feet should be wiped twice a day with surgical spirit or cologne. Followed with a liberal dusting of foot powder.
• Hard skin can be treated at home following a bath or shower with a pumice stone or callus file. Soften the treated area afterward by massaging in a medicated foot cream or body lotion.
• Keep nails trimmed and filed to prevent splits and infections.
• Wear cotton socks as they allow the feet to breath and do not induce sweating.
• Pay special attention to drying in between the toes after showering and bathing.
• Avoid tight fitting footwear.
• Do not cut the toe nails too short or down the sides as this will make them grow inward.
• Avoid using nail polish remover too often as it has a drying effect.
• Metal files should be avoided as they create heat in the nails which dries out the natural moisture and weakens them.
• NEVER file backward and forward as this can weaken or break nails.