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(Available only in our Natick location)

• A patch test is recommended if you have never used any self-tanning products before or if you have sensitive skin. Please let us know when you book your appointment.
• Do not use any other self-tanning products one week before treatment.
• Wax or shave at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
• On the day of your spray tan treatment do not wear any makeup, deodorant, perfume, body oils or lotions as these may react with the tanning agents.

Immediately after your treatment:
• Wear loose clothing.
• Keep skin completely dry and avoid water contact.
• Do not apply any products over the developing tan.
• Allow tan to develop for at least six to eight hours; overnight if possible.
• Avoid other beauty/hair treatments whilst tan is developing.
• Avoid activities that make you perspire.
• Drink hot beverages through a straw or avoid altogether whilst tan is developing as contact with a hot cup can strip color from around your mouth. Toothpaste can also strip color while your tan develops.

After your tan has developed:
• Rinse off remaining color guide with warm/hot water. Once the water runs clear gently wash with mild soap.
• Avoid products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) as they can strip color.
• Avoid swimming pools as chlorine will prematurely fade your tan.
• For the best results exfoliate before and after. Whilst bathing or showering apply Body Scrub. Pay attention to hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet. Body Scrub is a soapless product which will leave no residue on the skin. The softest, smoothest skin is the perfect starting point for the tan.
• Three to five-days after your tan, gently exfoliate your skin with Body Scrub. Repeat this every two days thereafter to ensure your tan fades evenly and to prepare your skin for your next tan application.
• To prolong your tan use Body Oil, Body Lotion or Body Cream daily to lock in the color. This will also hydrate your skin.